Seniority Points

Important Information

Please note that there are several factors affecting the number of points which may appear or which your company may receive per show.

  • Show points indicated are the sole property of the contracted "Exhibitor of Record". An exhibitor's show history record will be carefully maintained by NMMA, and no trading of space, sharing of seniority points between commonly-owned entities, or other deviations will be permitted if the result, in the opinion of the Shows Committee, is to "leap-frog" over another exhibitor with higher point seniority.
  • In February 1996, notice was given to every Exhibitor that had ever exhibited in any NMMA boat show, requesting information that would assist NMMA in reconstructing such exhibitors' past show seniority point history. The purpose was to identify dealers and/or manufacturers that had shared space contracted by one or the other-either by a dealer or the manufacturer. In these cases, NMMA and the dealer/manufacturer will work together to rectify any point history in question. Dealer/Manufacturer may be requested to supply evidence of participation (copy of space application, floor plan, copy of Working Dealer form, badge, letter from dealer/manufacturer verifying participation, etc.). Such information supplied will be held in the strictest confidence.
  • Each exhibitor is awarded one show seniority point per year of show participation regardless of space size or number of locations.
  • There are "single-tiered" shows and "double-tiered" shows. Single-tiered shows only tabulate the number of years a company has participated in a particular show and use this number for space allocation purposes. Double-tiered shows combine both NMMA membership points and show seniority points--i.e., each year of consecutive NMMA membership + each year of show participation. The Progressive® Insurance Northwest Sportshow®, and the International Boatbuilders' Exhibition & Conference® (IBEX) are the ONLY shows considered "double-tiered" shows that use this combined number for space allocation purposes.
  • Show seniority points are maintained even if an exhibitor skips a year of participation so long as you are in compliance with all other guidelines outlined in the terms and conditions of your contract and so long as your account remains in good standing with the NMMA.
  • The seniority point system shall be used for the purpose of upgrading Exhibitors to new locations within a show; and, for the purpose of increasing the size of Exhibitor's space when such space becomes available for re-allocation among current exhibitors. Requests for space upgrades, increases and/or moves MUST be made in writing on the Space Request Form. If a request is not made in writing, NMMA personnel will not assume responsibility for failure to accommodate perceived claims for upgrades, increases or moves.
  • Either in the "Last Year's Exhibitors" section of the space application or by separate communication on company letterhead

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Name Sort descending Show Points Member Points
13 Fishing 4 NM
61 Marine & Sports 11 NM
ABC Motorhome 3 NM
Aberdeen, South Dakota Tourism 12 NM
Absolute Alaska Adventures 1 NM
Absolute Outdoor 6 4
Adams County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism 1 NM
Africa Motsomi 11 NM
Agassiz Outfitters 15 NM
Alaskan Wilderness Outfitting Co. 31 NM
Aleknagik Island Lodge 1 NM
Alexander's on Rowan 7 NM
Alexandria Lakes 44 NM
All Natural Shea Butter 1 NM
Alumacraft Boat Co. 44 55
Amason's Obabikon 42 NM
Amik Outposts / Lac Seul Airways 11 NM
Anchor Marine Repair 9 NM
Andy Myer's Lodge 24 NM
Andy’s Graystone Camp 2 NM
Apostle Islands Cruises & Pictured Rocks Cruises 4 NM
Appeldoorn's Sunset Bay Resort 2 NM
AquaLube 13 NM
Arctic Lodges, Ltd. 15 NM
Arnesen's Rocky Point, Inc. 9 NM
Arrow Marine 4 NM
Artistic Anglers 39 NM
Ash Ka Nam Resort & Lodge 12 NM
Ash Trail Lodge 27 NM
Aspen Creek Kennels 2 NM
Atikwa Lake Lodge 10 NM
Backtroller Boats 6 NM
Backwater Custom Tackle & Adventure 5 NM
Backwater, Inc. 3 NM
Bailey's Leech Lake Resort 10 NM
Baileys Sunset Motel & Cottages 1 NM
Bait Caddy 1 NM
Barbie Doll Sport Fishing 27 NM
Barker Bay Resort & Outposts 9 NM
Bass Cat Boats 2 3
Bayside Resort 5 NM
Beach King, Inc. 4 NM
Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel 2 NM
Beachroller 5 NM
Bear's Nine Pines Resort 10 NM
Beaver Creek Outfitters 18 NM
Bedder Getter 2 NM
Beisswenger's Hardware & Power Equip. 11 NM
Bemidji Area Chamber and Visit Bemidji 8 NM
Big Game Big Country 3 NM
Big North Lodge & Outposts 28 NM
Big Spruce Outfitting 3 NM
Bill Hansen Realty 9 NM
Bill's Gun Shop & Range 11 NM
Birch Bark Lodge 1 NM
Birch Haven Resort 2 NM
Black Hills and Badlands Tourism Assoc. 5 NM
Black Knight Industries 10 NM
Blaze Anti-Fog 1 NM
Boat 2 Trailer 3 NM
Boat Lift Helper 9 NM
Boater's Outlet, Inc. 10 NM
Bob Allen Books 1 NM
Border View Lodge 6 NM
Bosveld Jacobs Safaris 3 NM
Boundary Waters Journal 31 NM
Breezy Point Resort C/O MLIR (Resort Park Model Sales) 14 NM
Bridgeport Marine 8 NM
British Virgin Islands Tourist Board 2 NM
Broadwater Lodge 26 NM
Cabela's, Inc. 5 NM
Camp Grayling 2 NM
Camp Quetico 17 NM
Campbell's Cabins 6 NM
Cannon River Kennels 17 NM
Canoe Canada Outfitters 5 NM
Canoe Country Outfitters 44 NM
Canvasworks, Inc. 4 NM
Capra's Marine Electronics 43 NM
Carolyn Ryan Independent Norwex Consultant 6 NM
Cass Lake Lodge 5 NM
Catch Your Moment 1 NM
Cayuse Outfitters 2 NM
Cedar Island Lodge 3 NM
Cedar Point Realty 1 NM
Central Montana 5 NM
Century Lodge 29 NM
CLAM Corporation 3 NM
Clark's Resorts & Outposts 5 NM
Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce 10 NM
Clearly Outdoors 8 NM
Click Heat, Inc. DBA WonderPax 5 NM
Cliff Lake Resorts (Lost Bay Resort) 5 NM
Cobblestone Lodge 4 NM
Colorado Outfitters, LLC 4 NM
Colorado Trophies 1 NM
Come By Chance Resort 2 NM
Connect-Ease 3 NM
Cree River Lodge 4 NM
Crestliner Boats 33 38
Cutco Cutlery 11 NM
Cyrus Resort 6 NM
DAKA Corporation 29 NM
Dakota Plains Taxidermy and Hunting Adventures 3 NM
Dan's Southside Marine 44 NM
DBA Northernaire Houseboats of Rainy Lake/Mills Enterprises LLC 44 NM
Deer Ridge Resort 2 NM
Deer River Area Tourism/Deer River Chamber of Commerce 44 NM
Delaney Lake Lodge 27 NM
Dept. of State/Minneapolis Passport Agency 4 NM
Diamond 7 Bar Guest Ranch 3 NM
Diamond M Ranch Resort (Kenai, AK) 1 NM
Dock Rite 12 NM
Dog Lake Resort 12 NM
Dokken's Oak Ridge Kennels 28 NM
Ducks Unlimited of Minnesota 11 NM
EAI Outdoors 2 NM
Ebel's Voyageur Houseboats, Inc. 44 NM
Edgewild Resort 4 NM
Elk Island Lodge & Outpost 22 NM
Ely Chamber of Commerce 9 NM
Embassy of Canada - Canada Border Service Agency 2 NM
Emerald Custom Fishing Rods, Inc 1 NM
Enigma Fishing, LLC 2 NM
Eppinger Manufacturing Company 40 NM
Erickson Marine, Inc. 5 NM
Evergreen Lodge, Ltd. 44 NM
Explore Minnesota Tourism 42 NM
Factory Motor Parts 4 NM
Fall Walleye School 2 NM
Fawn Gulch Outfitters 21 NM
Ferguson-Keller Associates, Inc. 39 NM
Fibertron 2 NM
Fig Tree Safaris 1 NM
Fishing Buddy Cooler 3 NM
Fishing for Life 14 NM
Flag Island Resort 8 NM
Fletcher Lake Lodge 39 NM
Float 1 NM
FLOE International, Inc. 16 7
Focus on Gundogs 12 NM
Formula Propeller & Marine 27 NM
Fort Peck Angling 1 NM
Foster Bros. Marine 25 NM
Fox Charter Service 7 NM
Fractional Toy Store, LLC 4 NM
Frankie's Live Bait & Marine 21 NM
Freedom Fishing Foundation 1 NM
G. Loomis, Inc. 30 NM
Gaard One 1 NM
Galloway Bay Outfitters 17 NM
Game Fair/Armstrong Kennels 28 NM
Gapen Company, The 30 NM
Garmin USA 16 8
Gas Trailer 1 NM
Gatorbak LLC 1 NM
Ghost River Lodges 32 NM
Go Athletic 6 NM
Good Go Ing, LLC 6 NM
Grass River Lodge, Ltd. 35 NM
Grassy Narrows Lodge 39 NM
Guardian Eagle Resort 12 NM
Hackensack Chamber of Commerce 8 NM
Hannay's, Inc. 44 NM
Happy Hooker Charters, Inc. 14 NM
Harris Hill Resort/Lake of the Woods 6 NM
Harry Lake Lodge 3 NM
Hassis Paintworks 2 NM
Hayward Lakes Visitors & Convention Bureau 18 NM
Health Mate Sauna / Samick Music Corp. 15 NM
Hewitt Docks, Lifts & Pontoon Legs 44 28
Hi Tempo Ski & Sail 22 NM
Hidden Bay Lodge & Camps 39 NM
High Banks Resort 14 NM
Highway 105 Tourism & Marketing 5 NM
Hillside Fabricating, LLC 11 NM
Holzinger Kennels 31 NM
Home Depot-Plymouth 3 NM
Hospitality Minnesota 10 NM
House of Lumens 4 NM
Howey Bay Resort, Ltd. 30 NM
Huber's Lone Pine Lodge, Ltd. 10 NM
Ignace Outposts, Ltd. 11 NM
Iliwa Safaris 2 NM
Independent Sales 7 NM
Indiaonta Resort 2 NM
Innovation X, LLC 3 NM
J & K Sunglass Creations 18 NM
J&K Products 3 NM
J-Dock Sport Fishing 1 NM
Jackson's Lodge and Outposts 6 NM
Joe's Sporting Goods - Ski Shop 37 NM
Juice Baits 2 NM
KaBeeLo Lodge, Inc 42 NM
Kasba Lake Lodge, Ltd. 43 NM
Kashabowie Outposts, Ltd. 43 NM
Kayair Service & Outposts 21 NM
Kenai Riverbend Resort 16 NM
Kenosha Charter Boat Assn. 8 NM
Kinn's Sport Fishing, LLC 17 NM
Kississing Lake Lodge 31 NM
Kitchen Window 8 NM
KMDA, Inc. - Wing-it Fishing Products 11 NM
Knobby's Fly-In Camps Limited 9 NM
Kodiak Safaris/Kodiak Charters 11 NM
Lac La Martre Lodge 5 NM
Lady Bug Lodge 14 NM
Lake Hallie Roundabout Boats 1 NM
Lake Vermilion Houseboats 43 NM
Lake Vermilion Resort Association 6 NM
LakeLady Custom Fishing Rods 15 NM
LeafFilter North, LLC 1 NM
Ledo Environmental LLC/DBA The Biffy Bag 1 NM
Leech Lake Area Chamber of Commerce 9 NM
Leo's South 6 NM
Lethal Lead Shotgun Sights 2 NM
Life of Riley Resort 37 NM
Lindy-Little Joe, Inc. 19 NM
Line Cutterz, LLC 3 NM
Linshook 1 NM
Long Birch Lodge 27 NM
Louisiana Purchase Ranch 8 NM
Lowe Boats-Brunswick Boat Group - 1255 20 48
Lowrance - Navico 44 50
Lucky Fishing Brand 1 NM
Lund Boat Company 44 55
Lund Manufacturing, LLC 9 NM
Lure Lock 2 NM
M&E Sales 9 NM
Mahkwa Lodge 9 NM
MAJK Solutions 1 NM
Mandatory Fun Outdoors 1 NM
Manitowoc Area Visitor & Convention Bureau 3 NM
Manotak Lodge 2 NM
Mantrap Lodge 2 NM
Maple Grove Lock & Safe 2 NM
Marine Dock & Lift 23 NM
Marine General Supply 16 NM
Marinetech Products, Inc. 5 15
Mark Enterprises, Inc. 21 NM
Martin Wholesale Group, Inc. 10 NM
Mattice Lake Outfitters 26 NM
Maynard Lake Lodge 41 NM
McQuoid's Inn 9 NM
Merkel's Camp 5 NM
Metro Gun Club 19 NM
Midwest Outdoor Resorts 16 NM
MidWest Outdoors 13 NM
Miller Marine 7 NM
Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge, Brainerd 8 NM
Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources 12 NM
Minnesota Equipment 7 NM
Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame 2 NM
Minnesota Resort Sales 7 NM
Minnesota Volunteer Safety Instructors Association 3 NM
Minor Bay Lodge 2 NM
Misaw Lake Lodge 3 NM
Missouri Valley Guide Service 3 NM
MN Bound Crappie Contest 6 NM
MN FISH Sportfishing Foundation 1 NM
Mobridge Chamber of Commerce 13 NM
Moonlite Bay Resort 2 NM
Mort's On Upper Red 1 NM
Mountain Home Area Chamber of Commerce 1 NM
MoveU Performance Fishing Apparel 2 NM
Muskies, Inc., Twin Cities Chapter 12 NM
My Pillow, Inc. 14 NM
N & S Great Lakes Fishing 8 NM
National Marine Manufacturers Association 1 NM
National Wild Turkey Federation 9 NM
Navionics, Inc. 15 22
Nebraska Game & Parks Commission 13 NM
Nelson's Resort 19 NM
Nicky Boy Charter Service 22 NM
Niobe Lake Lodge 8 NM
Nokomis Shoe Shop 15 NM
Norsemen Outdoors 4 NM
North Dakota Tourism Department 44 NM
North Haven/North Star Exec Outpost 7 NM
North Shore Lodge 5 NM
Northern Lights Plastics 1 NM
Northland Fishing Tackle, Inc. 30 NM
Northland Outdoor Living, LLC 5 NM
Northwest Flying, Inc. 12 NM
Norway Beach Resort 1 NM
Odyssey Battery 6 NM
Okuma Fishing Tackle 16 NM
Old Oak Retrievers & Kennels 1 NM
One Last Cast 1 NM
Ontario Wilderness Houseboat Rental 6 NM
Osprey Global 3 NM
Outdoor News, Inc. 44 NM
Outdoor Sportsman Group 3 NM
Outdoors Weekly 34 NM
Overton's, Inc. 1 3
P & L Enterprises, Inc 12 NM
Packsack Canoe Trips & Log Cabins 18 NM
Paddle North, LLC 4 NM
Park Place Storage Condominiums 17 NM
Parkit360 2 NM
Perch Patrol Guide Service 1 NM
Phantom Lures 3 NM
Pickle Lake Outposts 12 NM
Pike Bay Lodge 12 NM
Pine Acres Resort and Campground 6 NM
Pine Beach Lodge 44 NM
Pipestone Fly-In Outposts 11 NM
Pipestone Point Resort 37 NM
Plaisted Camps 3 NM
Plummer's Great Bear Lake Lodge 40 NM
Pokegama Shores RV Resort 2 NM
Porta-Bote International 28 30
Porta-Dock, Inc. 44 NM
PotlatchDeltic Corp. 7 NM
Power Lodge 2 NM
Power Pro 8 NM
Prairie Grass Outfitters 15 NM
Pro Tour Baits 9 NM
Product Development Group, LLC 7 NM
Progressive Insurance 7 NM
ProNav Marine 3 NM
Pure Fishing 36 NM
Pybus Point Lodge 13 NM
R.W.'s Fishing Guide Service 12 NM
Radco Truck Accessory Center 31 NM
Rainy Lake Houseboats, Inc. 41 NM
Rapid Marine 32 NM
Rassat Outdoor Group 9 NM
Reach for Resources 1 NM
Reed's Family Outdoor Outfitters c/o Leech Lake Distributors 15 NM
Revive Sales 8 NM
Richter Anchors, Inc. 16 NM
Ripalip 3 NM
River Point Resort & Outfitting 27 NM
River Valley Power & Sport, Inc. 13 NM
Riverview Sports & Marine 24 NM
RM Golf Carts 7 NM
Rogue10 1 NM
Rolling Bones Outfitters 2 NM
Ronning's Lake Carvings 3 NM
RSC Innovations 1 NM
Rustic River Gear 2 NM
Rusty Myers Flying Service, Ltd 44 NM
RV Charters 29 NM
Salmon Catcher Lodge 6 NM
Sandy River Outfitters 5 NM
Scramblers 2, LLC dba The Flashlight People 7 NM
Sea-Legs 2 NM
SeaArk, LLC dba SeaArk Boats 1 30
Separation Lake Camps, Ltd. 11 NM
Seven Treasures 21 NM
Shady Roost Fishing Resort 14 NM
Shakopee Bait Company 1 NM
Shimano American Corp. 16 NM
Showalter's Fly-In Camps, Ltd. 42 NM
Silencer Central 3 NM
Silsby Lake Lodge 9 NM
Silver Bow Outfitters & Guides 2 NM
Simms Fishing Products 2 NM
Skeeter Boats, Inc/A Yamaha Boat Company 10 45
Slater Sales, Inc. 9 NM
Smooth Moves 4 NM
SoDak Prairie Acres 2 NM
South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks 2 NM
South Dakota Glacial Lakes & Prairies Tourism 10 NM
South Dakota Missouri River Tourism 6 NM
South Dakota Walleye Charters 3 NM
South Shore Lodge 35 NM
South St. Paul Gun Club 1 NM
Southeast Montana Tourism 8 NM
Spectrum Brand Hunting Products 3 NM
Spirit of the Wilderness 17 NM
Spring Bay Resort 11 NM
St. Boni Motor Sports 7 NM
St. Croix Marine and Power 3 NM
St. Croix Rods 44 NM
Star Glow Products 2 NM
Star Tribune 1 NM
Starkey Hearing Technology 3 NM
Student Angler Organization 1 NM
Sun-Mar Corp. 10 NM
Sunset Lodge Resort, Inc. 27 NM
Superior Charters & Yacht Sales 1 NM
Superior Country 1 NM
Supreme Marine 14 NM
Syndicate Sales Corporation 31 NM
T-Mobile MN Corporate 2 NM
Tarp Buddy 3 NM
Tazin Lake Lodge 2 NM
Team Outdoors, LLC 2 NM
Temple Bay Lodge 40 NM
The Growley Bear Lodge on Glacier Bay 2 NM
The Marketing Arm, Inc 2 NM
The Sporting Trader/Worldwide Safaris 12 NM
Thorne Brothers Fishing Ent./Muskie Fever 30 NM
Thousand Lakes Outposts 9 NM
Thunderhook Camps 18 NM
Tigger II Charters 7 NM
Timber Bay Lodge & Houseboats 41 NM
Timber Ghost Realty 9 NM
Timbuktu Marina 5 NM
Tom Maertz Enterprise 8 NM
Tony Roach Outdoors 5 NM
Totem Lodge 38 NM
Tourism Saskatchewan 3 NM
Train Bell Resort 1 NM
Trapper's Landing Lodge 3 NM
Trappers Point Camp 3 NM
Travel Wisconsin 1 NM
Tuffy's Pet Foods / Nutri Source 1 NM
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 10 NM
U.S. Customs & Border Protection 12 NM
ugo wear 3 NM
Ultimate Golf Carts 3 NM
Uncommon USA, Inc. 26 NM
Up North Technologies, Inc. 1 NM
Venture Custom Rods 5 NM
Verdeja's MIlle Lacs Guide Service 1 NM
Vermilion Dam Lodge 37 NM
Vermilion River Cottages 13 NM
Vexus Boats 1 NM
Vietnam Veterans of America 2 NM
Viking Log Furniture 7 NM
Viking Outpost Cabins, Ltd. 14 NM
Visit Brainerd 17 NM
Voyagaire Houseboats 30 NM
Voyageur North Outfitters 28 NM
Walks-On-Water 12 NM
Wallace Lake Lodge & Outposts 7 NM
Walleye Retreat 3 NM
Warner's Dock, Inc. 14 NM
Warrior Boats 33 NM
Washburn County Tourism 7 NM
Watson Hunting Camp 11 NM
Wave Armor 14 9
WavePro, LLC 5 NM
Wellman Sports Marketing, LLC 40 NM
Whaly Boats USA 1 NM
White Iron Beach Resort 25 NM
White River Marine Group, LLC 14 38
Wigwam Resort 34 NM
Wild Alaska Cruises 14 NM
Wiley Point Lodge 25 NM
Willmar Lakes Area Convention and Visitors Bureau 9 NM
Wings North 10 NM
Wings of the Prairie Outfitters 2 NM
Wishbone Ranch Outfitters 1 NM
Witch Bay Canadian Camps 30 NM
Witch Doctor Tackle 1 NM
Women Anglers of Minnesota 3 NM
Wraptor Tackle Roll 3 NM
York Outfitters 11 NM
Young's Wilderness Camp 7 NM
Your Boat Club 5 NM
Zancudo Lodge 1 NM
Zumbro River Sporting Dogs 4 NM